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Download Burns Mansion [18+] (MOD) v0.7.3

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Version: 0.7.3
Size: 295.82 MB
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Devloper: ILW
App Status:  Paid for Free

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Burns Mansion [18+] (MOD) Description

The content itself for Maggie is going well, and I have already planned out how her story will plan out. I probably mentioned this in the previous post before but I don’t want to spoil it at all, as I like to keep this update less spoiled. Since Maggie is a special character & I want this update to feel fresh and good when you guys play her story ! !


– The background required is completed


– Maggie’s character design is finalized (pose, expression, head, etc)


– One support character for Maggie is still not finalized


– Completed nsfw scene, not telling you how many ; )


– Script/story idea is near complete


– Art/visual is near but not close.

Changelog in version 0.7.3

The progress is slower, much slower ever since the development of the game itself started growing up to where it is now.

The bigger the game gets, the harder it gets to add content into the game.

More bugs, more issues and it’s pain to test through everything again.

Just imagine me as a dev starting from the beginning and testing throughout the whole thing again.

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