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Version: 1.8
Size: 311.02 MB
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Devloper: Zett
App Status:  Ported to Android

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Double Perception [18+] Mod Description

“Double Perception” is a game with 2 realms. First is Reality. Nothing special, just common Earth. The second is a bit more interesting – Dawn of Arcanum. DoA is a VR game, that you can access via VR headset in your room. (But you have to buy it first.) Explore both worlds for opportunities, meet new people and earn a reputation of a titled player.”


Double Perception is filled with HQ 3D arts, animations, humor, easter eggs, and interesting game mechanics. And from now on there will be only more of them!


Double Perception 1.8 is finally here!
This update is a bit late on the schedule, but there’re lots of new NSFW pic and animations.
To be specific, more than 1100 new renders! And! 13 new animations!!!

This update’s theme was 😴”Unconscious Update”😴

So, here’s the changelog:

New e-shop – “Pills and Drugs Shop”💊
A new event for Kim/Rachel – Sleep Attack
Ability to upgrade event “Sleep Attack” by giving Sleeping Pills to Kim/Rachel (Night Only)
New options for Rachel’s Inhaler event
A new event for Rachel/Kim – Double Perception (give them Sleeping Pills while they’re playing VR)
New Relationship Screen (Don’t look while Rachel’s in the bathroom)

VR-headset is now more visible
Learned recipes are now marked as such
You can’t use a recipe if you already learned it
New Crafting option to craft 0 – max available
New reboot option for fixing softlock in the menu (I’m not sure if it works, but you can try)


Changelog in version 1.8

– Making a trailer for the project

I- Working on the next release – 1.8 😴”Unconscious Update”😴

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