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Unlimited Diamonds
When using our MOD version, you will have infinite diamonds.
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Download Idle Human Mod Apk v1.13

File Information

Version: 1.13
Size: 127.3 MB
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Devloper: Green Panda Games
App Status:  Unlimited Money

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Idle Human Mod Apk Description

Have you ever thought about how the human body works?

In Idle Human we give you a unique chance to discover and create the various parts of a human right from the first cell.

Discovery the amazing sequence in which a human body unravels starting from the very first bones to every organ leading to the nerves and muscles and finally a complete human.

At the bottom of the screen, Idle Human provides you with a list of parts that you can create. The game divides the human body into four parts, bones, organs, control centers, protection. Some parts are unlocked when you finish some other parts. For example, the brain will automatically be unlocked when you upgrade your heart to level 2500 and liver at level 1000.

Cells are constantly being made, even when you are sleeping. The same is true for this game. Because Idle Human is an idle game, the number of cells is automatically generated even when you are offline. After asleep, you will receive a large number of cells to upgrade parts of the human body. Besides, you can increase the number of cells received when offline in Upgrade.

This game is really suitable for those who dream of becoming a doctor. Sharp 3D graphics, realistic human body simulations help you have the clearest view of a human body. You can see people’s organs, bones, organs from many different angles.

Changelog in version 1.13

We fixed some bugs to help you create your human even faster. Enjoy! 🙂

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