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Download Nothing Is Forever [18+] (MOD) v0.3.2

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Version: 0.3.2
Size: 747.19 MB
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Devloper: MrSilverL*st
App Status:  Ported to Android

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Nothing Is Forever [18+] (MOD) Description

This game was primarily developed to be played on PC/Mac/Linux. There is an android port that is experimental and not particularly optimized for the system. It works quite well on my test device, but there have been reports of crashes in lower-end devices, especially while looking at menus or texting in-game.


Therefore, it is highly recommended that, before you purchase the android version, you first try the free version of the game to see if it runs smoothly on your phone.


Right now, this project is a passionate hobby for me, but being a solo indie dev is hard and expensive. The development of this game is only possible thanks to the support of players like you. For example, my middle range old laptop is really not cut out for the job and it shows in some renders and animations.


If you are already enjoying this game made with the little resources I have, just imagine how much better it can become with more support.

Changelog in version 0.3.2

The most recent update, chapter 3, is available for free to everyone!

Check the news to find out when Chapter 4 will be released.

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