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Download 1592 Imjin War: Yi Sun-sin (MOD) Apk updated to latest version 2.0 with many Premium / MOD / APK features mentioned below:

Unlimited Money
Upgrade attack
attack speed
Optimized APK

Download 1592 Imjin War: Yi Sun-sin (MOD) Apk v2.0

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Version: 2.0
Size: 1.67 GB
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Devloper: SouthSea
App Status:  Modded & Working

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1592 Imjin War: Yi Sun-sin (MOD) Apk Description

Modded Features:

  • Lots of Gold Coins
  • Upgrade Attack
  • Upgrade Attack Speed
  • Upgrade Damage


About Game:

The 1592 Japanese Invasion of Korea dealt with the major naval battles of Admiral Yi Sun-shin.
From the Battle of Okpo, the first naval battle, to the Battle of Hansan, one of the four major naval battles in the world,
Use Panok ship and Turtle ship to advance strategically, and defeat the enemy.
I tried to contain historical evidence, but there are some exaggerations for gameability.
Enjoy the Imjin War at the end of the 16th century, which put the fate of the three Northeast Asian countries on the line, and the naval battle of Yi Sun-sin, the most influential person.

Wear earphones to enjoy more lively play with magnificent sound effects such as shelling, drumming, and BGM.

Fight the enemy by forming Straight, Arrow, and Crane wing, which are the representative formation of the Joseon fleet.

Choose the appropriate shell according to the distance and situation, such as Grape shot, Bomb shot, Giant arrow shot, and Arrows

Changelog in version 2.0

* 수정사항 : 폰트 개선, 언어설정, 난이도 완화, BugFix(업데이트시 언어초기화 설정 수정)

1592 한산: 이순신 구국의 날개, 무료 정식버젼입니다.

1592 임진년 전쟁에서 이순신 장군의 주요 해전을 다뤘습니다.
옥포해전에서 한산해전까지 판옥선과 거북선으로 적과 맞써 싸우는
시뮬레이션과 같은 해전입니다.
일자진, 학익진 등 진법을 전개하고, 포탄을 발포하여 적선을 섬멸하십시오.

개선사항 : 모든 컨텐츠 허용(체험판 -> 무료 정식판 전환), 광고보상 추가, Bug Fix(특정임무 후열 판옥선 미이동 개선)

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