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Download Free Pass updated to latest version 1.22 with many Premium / MOD / APK features mentioned below:

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Download Free Pass v1.22

File Information

Version: 1.22
Size: 828.71 MB
App Category
Devloper: After Choices
App Status:  Ported to Android

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App Installation / Other instructions

Uninstall the Previous version, and install the downloaded version.

Free Pass Description

MOD Apk Files:

Apk File name with “MOD”  “Pro” “Unlocked” or “Premium” will enable the hack or Unlock your game/App. Make sure you provide proper permission for modded APK for the app/game to function normally.


Will This MOD Works in Emulators:

Yes this MOD will work in all emulators. but we recommend using an Android phone for better gameplay and to prevent getting covered by Anti ban or OS limitations by developers.


Ported to Android:

We made it possible to play this game/app on your Android phone, tablet, or Smart tv, by converting SDK and other developer files which are used in this App/Game.


Patreon Version for Free:

Yes, this is free on GeekAxe because we have other different internal sources with developers to make Apps or Games available to the public for “FREE“, developers and we want to test our app or game before/after releases with beta features.


Removed Debug Information:

Here with this feature, we have removed all unnecessary information that is needed for a developer to debug the app/game. but sending or creating a log for debugging will make the app/game function slowly, the reason why we removed it.


Optimized APK:

We have optimized this game/app to make the file size smaller without compromising in-game/app functions, which helps us to download files as fast as possible.


About Game:

Free Pass APK Android Port – A youthful looking happily married Asian wife, Yoon Ni Ko who was born & raised in cultural strict country, was convinced to risk her marriage after being a faithful wife for many years. Is it wrong to give an Asian strict woman a Free Pass?? Or will there be some improvement in her long-term marriage? Could she still be faithful or become slutty?

In my view, visual novel games should give the player something exciting & realistic rather than playing sex scenes solely. So, after studying properly about the characters’ nature, cultural backgrounds, ethnic groups and psychological nature, I’ve put all my effort to create this game, named, “Free Pass”.
In Free Pass Adult Game, Yoon Ni Ko was born and raised in an Asian country known for its strict rules. She is gorgeous and still looks young for her age. Yoon wants to sow her wild oats before she’s too old to enjoy herself sexually. Will she and her husband give her a free pass to do whatever she wants? It’s not an easy task to come to grips with because she’s such a conservative woman, but it’s now or never. Time isn’t on her side, and soon she’s going to be too old to fuck as her loins beg her to.

Changelog in version 1.22

In this game, you will take on the roles of both Kha sisters. And you will have the option to name May Kha’s boyfriend as you like.

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