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Download Photomath (MOD) Apk updated to latest version 8.12.0 with many Premium / MOD / APK features mentioned below:

Plus Mod
Premium Unlocked
Custom math solutions
Explain problems in math textbooks

Download Photomath (MOD) Apk v8.12.0

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Version: 8.12.0
Size: 13.03 MB
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Devloper: Photomath
App Status:  Modded & Working

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Uninstall the Previous version, and install the downloaded version.

Photomath (MOD) Apk Description

Modded Features:

  • Plus, Premium Unlocked
  • Custom math solutions
  • Explain problems in math textbooks

Thanks to these features, you can learn high school math better. It seems that all problems that you encounter have been researched and appropriately explained by Photomath’s team.


About App:

Get the math app that gets you! Photomath is the world’s most useful math learning platform, with millions of learners of all levels checking homework, studying for tests, and making new math discoveries every month.

Basic solution steps and explanations are totally FREE, but if you’re ready for a brand new world of learning, Photomath Plus gives you access to:

With access to a full library of explanations for selected textbooks, including word and geometry problems! Learn at your own pace with content that’s been approved by some of the world’s best math teachers.

With detailed AI animations and verbal explanations to help you visualize and understand math in a way that’s suited to your learning style.

Level up your learning by understanding “how” and “why” math problems are solved, or get reminders for forgotten terms and concepts with our embedded glossary.

So whether you’re learning basic arithmetic, or tackling advanced geometry, we’ll get you there together. One step at a time.

• Free step-by-step explanations
• Word problem instructions
• Interactive graphs
• Video learning
• Multiple solution methods
• Advanced scientific calculator


– Operations with Real and Complex Numbers
– Comparing Real Numbers
– Identifying Numbers
– Graphs of Functions (Linear, Quadratic, Exponential, etc)
– Properties of Functions (Domain, Asymptotes, etc)
– Simplifying, Factoring, and Evaluating Algebraic expressions
– Simplifying Algebraic fractions and Partial-fraction decomposition
– Solving equations and inequalities (Linear, Quadratic, Exponential, etc)
– Systems of equations
– Polynomial Division
– Binomial theorem, Factorials
– Combinations, Permutations, and Variations
– Matrices and Matrix equations
– Determinants
– Mathematical Induction
– Converting angles between degrees and radians
– Converting angles between decimal and DMS form
– Period of trigonometric functions
– Verifying trigonometric identities
– Identifying sequences
– Series
– Recursive and Explicit form
– Tests for Convergence
– Limits
– Derivatives
– Integrals
– Area below a curve
– Identifying Conics
– Rotations of Conics
– Parametrization of Curves
– Identifying quadratic surfaces
– Differential equations
– Tangent lines
– Converting between coordinates

Changelog in version 8.12.0

It’s September already?! How are you feeling? Hydrated? Ready for anything? If you feel like a work in progress, don’t worry — we are, too! We’re determined to ALWAYS help you, so if you’ve got a problem, scan it in so we can send it to our math experts and add it to the app! (Looking at you, word problems…) It’s kind of exciting being a work in progress, isn’t it? Let’s keep moving forward together 🙂

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