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Version: 0.1.6
Size: 493.35 MB
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Devloper: Liebrio
App Status:  Paid for Free

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Stolen Destiny [18+] (MOD) Description

You start the game for a guy named Nick. The beginning of his adult life brought him several unpleasant surprises.
In an instant, from a carefree life surrounded by luxury and pretty maids, Nick, along with his mother and sister, is left without shelter and money for existence. And now he has to take care of his family, earn money and arrange his personal life.

At first glance, his story is no different from dozens of similar ones. If not for one small nuance. Everything written above is a lie.

“Stolen Destiny” is a point-and-click adventure with elements of a visual novel.

The game will be implemented a complex decision-making system, the consequences of which you will feel only after a long time. Or in one of several endings.
Take the right decisions and act with other characters in the way they deserve.

In various media, we rarely see the world from the face of just one character.

Therefore, throughout the game, you will have to try on the skin of several heroes at once.
To have a complete picture of what is happening, and not to make mistakes that will certainly make themselves felt at the end of the game.

Changelog in version 0.1.6

To create the script for this game, I was inspired by such works as The Truman Show and Blade Runner (may the creators of these films forgive me).

I tried to unite these two universes and place them in the world we are used to.

What will come of this, time will tell. And I just hope that you can get as much pleasure from the game as I get from its creation.

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