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Version: 0.48
Size: 469.41 MB
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Devloper: Studio Dystopia
App Status:  Ported to Android

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Take Over [18+] Mod Description

After the People’s Revolution, freedom is extinguished and rebellion is crushed without mercy. The government has decided every detail of the lives of its’ citizens- including you. After a promising career was cut short by making the wrong enemy, you were left with no choice but to return to your hometown and take whatever employment you could find.

You would have been a top-flight researcher with everything you ever wanted, and now you are stuck cleaning floors in a government laboratory. That would have been the end of your story too, except for a chance discovery and the possibility of turning things around once and for all.

You can’t take chances in this cruel world, but if you’re smart you can take over…


You make it in the laboratory you work in, and likewise, do so one by one or in batches of 5. There is a chance of failure when making it, however, it’s close to none at night. Making them has two possible costs – decreasing your supplies or increasing your suspicion. The more serum you make, the more suspicion you create, so in the early game it will barely affect it, but as you advance in the game you will eventually hit a point where you must use supplies. Use: You can use them on the various characters available to increase their corruption. Each of those times will consume a dose of serum, and their increase in corruption will be dependent on the character done. This will increase the time. Further, into the story, you will need to produce and deposit 5 serums per week, and there will be another procedure that will need you to consume a dose.

Changelog in version 0.48

The game is divided into sorts of chapters; not nominally, but you have a set of goals that once you reach them the plot moves forward and you need to adapt your routine, so this guide will be split into chapters according to the story beats.

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