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Version: 3.53
Size: 530.57 MB
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Devloper: Edkon Games GmbH
App Status:  Mod Menu Patched

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World War 2: Shooting Games Description

World War 2 MOD APK is the game that most younger humans nowadays like to play. If you play this game, you’ll feel like playing in actual life. If you already know how to play this game first, you will be standing in a place first. There might be many kinds of enemies in that area. They have to attack you with your weapons. In that method, you have to defeat the war forces with bullets. Many people around you will be standing up to attack you. That is, they may disappear from your sight and attack you. That means there are a number of large homes and factories in the sport these days.


Users have created this game with the use of much distinct scenery that will amaze you. Anyone from children to adults can play this sport to their liking. There isn’t any separate age limit for playing the game. All the controls in this sport are on your hands. You can play this sport with your hand motion, and you have to intention and shoot at the vicinity wherein you’re using the gun. The World War 2 sport was launched with the aid of the Google play shop in 2021. Next up is edkon games GmbH, which has set up and established its version.




World War 2 MOD APK is a sport in which you have to play a recreation with a gun. Have created something the use of the fine form of a graphics system in the sport. The recreation will rely upon the way you show your forte in this sport. If you are gambling the sport for the primary time, you no longer want to fear it. This recreation can be in a manner that you may without problems recognize. In that manner, there are a number of exclusive regions in the sport in order to pique your interest. Each phase will educate you on every extremely good revel in. Once you move and play this recreation, the notion that comes to your mind is to play again.


Then while you attack your enemies with guns, you may feel like you are attacking your enemies. There are many exceptional styles of guns on this World War 2 MOD APK recreation. It could assist if you first selected your preferred gun. Then you have to prompt those weapons through this recreation. This game has the power to replace you with some other gun if the efficiency of your gun is substantially decreased. You can attack your enemies indirectly. Otherwise, you can assault your enemies without delay.


Different forms of guns


World War 2 MOD APK recreation involves quite a few distinctive styles of weapons. That means you do not want to pay any separate expenses to play this game. Success is guaranteed in case you use those types of games for free in the right way. Rifle, shotgun, pistol, sniper rifle, submachine gun, gadget gun, light machine gun, revolter, attack rifle, AK-forty seven, Beretta, handgun, Steyr AUG, MP5, FN P90, Uzi, musket, FAMAS, M249 mild machine gun, M1 furnish, and colt unmarried action military. As there are quite a few one-of-a-kind forms of weapons in this sport. You can choose your favored guns and then prompt those guns thru this recreation.


If you want your favorite weapons you may purchase them with coins. If you have cash, you may use that money to buy all the objects you want in World War 2 MOD APK. You can buy any objects you want in this sport. You can’t retain to play this recreation without guns. Only if your gun is at its pleasant can you quickly attack enemies. You can handiest play this recreation for a long time in case you conceal and attack your combatants correctly. If enemies assault him, you may go away from this game straight away.


Different characters


World War 2 MOD APK recreation There are many types of characters. Choose your favored sniper, after which of their recreation, You can prompt. Soviet, German, American, Korean, or Japanese. Each of those will obtain and understand every precise function of this game. That means their competencies could be brilliant in this game. Hiding and attacking are one of the maximum vital in this recreation. Your mind will reach a completely calm state even as gambling this game.


Surprisingly, there are numerous distinctive types of areas available in World War 2 MOD APK. If you have any doubts about this sport, it’ll fix them all. Because once you have got performed this recreation, you may get a hint of how to play it later. When you play this recreation, you may experience like you’re gambling this sport. Large buildings are beautiful, and this game has distinctive kinds of areas past them. Enemies will assault you from numerous locations, along with factories and houses, and one of the most necessary is to ambush them.


Playing with buddies


World War 2 MOD APK is a recreation you may play with your pals. When you play a sport with pals, there may be some funny comedy activities in that recreation. You get an outstanding type of enjoyment while gambling with pals. As properly as getting your old memories back to you. There are a whole lot of exclusive offers in this sport which might be for guns. You can restore parts of the weapon in a great manner viable. In this recreation, you have the power to trade your weapons in the event that they have a shallow sort of potential.


There are five epic gun game regions, six recreation modes to attain, and ten players in movement games on the battlefield. You can play this game online via speaking to your buddy, and you get an extraordinary sort of experience whilst you communicate with your pal and play a recreation. You can play with as many friends as you need in this game.




Gameloft created the arena War 2 MOD APK recreation with snapshots in mind. This recreation has lots of 2D and 3-D animated scenes. Graphics are used in all the buildings and factories that come with this game, and all guns have an outstanding snapshot region. That’s why you all can download and play this game in Google play keep.




Overall, we blanketed all detailed information about World War 2 MOD APK. Every PC game enthusiasts love this sport play. Join the arena wars to combat with players. Use military weapons to destroy the opponent’s enemies. There are many effective weapons and tanks added to the sport. From the authentic version of the sport, you’ve got restrained capabilities handiest. Use the MOD model to get limitless cash and capabilities totally free. Download the modern-day MOD version from below the article’s available hyperlinks.


World War 2 MOD APK Info

*MOD Features*
1. MOD Menu
2. Set FoV
 // Custom FoV
3. Aim Assist // Increase Aim Assist
4. No Recoil // Removes Recoil
5. No Spread // Removes Weapon Spread
6. No Flashbang // Terminates Flashbang Effect
7. Enemies won’t Shoot // Only against AI
8. Red Crosshair // Crosshair turns red when aiming at the opponent
9. No Ads // No Ads after completing the Match

How to enable necessary permissions:
1. Only necessary on Android 6+.
2. Open the app info for World War 2: Shooting Games.
3. Go to permissions, and enable Storage.
4. Go to advanced and activate overlay/draw over other apps’ permission.
-> Overlay permission might be located and named differently on each brand.

Changelog in version 3.53

The new update is going to be live on March 24:

– Assault rifle Breda M1935 PG
– Sub-machine gun Suomi
– De Lisle carbine
– Walther automatic shotgun
And of course new Season 5:
– New weapon Suomi
– 600 Paratrooper specialization points
And many other prizes!

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